Mendocino Ono

Deadly Romantic Comedies

Wired for Passion

We are wired for passion. Criss-crossing through our bodies are networks of electrochemical pathways that transmit messages of fun – fun – fun! Blame it on the dopamine that our bodies manufacture naturally. Dopamine is a powerful neurochemical that makes us want to do things. Fun things.

Quick Fix for Fatigue

Bored? Tired of life? Feeling run down? Need a vacation? Pick up a book and relax. Read about somebody with energy who is passionate about getting somewhere, passionate about doing something amazing. Read about somebody who believes she can do the impossible. If you fall asleep smiling about something funny that you’re reading, you’ll sleep better than if you fell asleep worrying. If you stay awake reading, walking in the shoes of heroes and heroines cleverly beating the odds, pulling victory out of defeat, you’ll feel better. You might begin to believe in yourself again.

Millennials and Boomers Crave Passion

Are you a Boomer? Millennial? X-er, Y-er, Z-er? We all love to feel good. Somewhere deep inside we know we want to feel good. That’s the dopamine that our body naturally makes and craves. We make dopamine in our bodies when we reach a goal, when we exercise and when we are even imagining exercising! So what if you don’t feel like exercising?

If it’s raining outside, or too hot, or too cold, if it’s your day off from running or going to the gym, grab a book and read something thrilling. Get that heart pumping with a good thriller. Don’t you love those twists and betrayals? I write deadly romantic comedies because I enjoy the heck out of doing it. Write once thrill you a million timex! You can imagine me grinning, thinking of watching you burst out loud with a laugh, or just knowing where you might smile. If you can imagine my grin right now, I’m grinning so hard it hurts (grin-grin). Here are some story samples I’ve written for your reading pleasure.


Author: mendocinoono

Mendocino Ono (TM) is associate producer IN THE DEATHROOM, adapted from a short story by Stephen King. She writes romantic comedies with deadly twists and betrayals. Known legally as Una Medina Olmsted, Ph.D., she is an internationally published and awarded nonfiction writer in communication and social cognition, computer modeler of complex physical, biological and social systems (Certifications: New England Complex Systems Institute at MIT; Portland State University Systems Science), Complexity Science Editor Emeritus at The Innovation Journal and federally funded behavioral sequencer --turned storyteller. Works in Progress: SIREN A goddess struggles to possess a hero's body as her Trojan Horse. He quests for the Elixir of Immortality and his father. She must destroy them both. What can ruin everything is love. BADLANDS Is Michael only playing at capturing Maria? Will Maria break his family's human trafficking ring? A romantic comedy turns deadly in legendary Badass, New Mexico. MIRAGE A midwest girl struggles to sift reality from an erotic mirage in an oasis called Hollywood, California. Mendocino Ono (TM) is a pseudonym for Una Medina Olmsted, Ph.D. Twitter: @MendocinoOno Facebook: Instagram: @MendocinoOno

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